Why am I here? MNGT 138 wk1

Why am I here? I am taking Information Design for some of the usual generic reasons, such as to fulfill a requirement for the social media marketing certificate that is offered at Pierce College. In which I am currently in pursuit of, in addition to being in the Digital Design program. I am hoping, and I think that this class will benefit me in both fields. I believe that it will help me keep “design” as a concept, created for the masses, in perspective. I hope to learn most how, not only to be allowed the freedom of design creativity but how to attract and gain customers in all my future endeavors. I believe by understanding the basic concepts of information design will create a much needed foundation to build a successful future from. I think that the concepts that we will be focusing on, can and will be eventually applied to a multitude of situations and circumstances and that it will all become beneficial in the long run. I want to have and use these skills to better sell myself, as an artist. I would like to gain the knowledge in order to become more business minded, and customer driven while still doing what I love by being creative. I can’t wait!

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