Are You Puzzled About Project Management? MNGT 136 wk1

Let’s piece it together, shall we?

My Father was a Project Manager for a well known electrical company in Portland, Oregon. As I remember back to asking him (on several occasions) what it was he did, he would always reply  with “everything.”                                                                                                            This is how I still envision project management, whether we are talking about electrical, construction or web. I understand it as a position to which, oversees and plans every aspect of a project and it’s scope. Of course a project manager would not be able to accomplish an end product without a team in order to manage. A project manager must possess valuable knowledge of all aspects concerning one job.




I like to mentally compare it to a puzzle. Each piece will eventually come into place creating a larger finished picture. A project manager has to identify each piece, it’s placement, it’s cost and the individual role that each piece will play when building the puzzle and organize them accordingly. A project manager position orchestrates when, how, and how much a specific project will meet deadlines and budget  adequately to be successful. The importance of this position in building a website is not any different than an electrical project. All the pieces must be organized and utilized in the best, cost effective, and efficient way in order to achieve a successful end product.

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