How Do You Read on the Web? MNGT138 wk3

I know I don’t read when I’m online, not really read. I know for myself that when I go online, it is usually with a goal in mind. I want to know if those boots are on sale at Zappos yet. So I go and I search for just this or just that. The rest of my time on line is researching information. Now, Im not proud of it, I know I sound really lazy here. But I just skim the articles and look for headlines and titles that give me what I need with as little effort as humanly possible. I am literally looking for something that fits into my agenda, whatever that may be for the moment. I know I’m not the only one, is this you too? Guess what?   We are not the only ones who do this!

We Are Not Alone

There are studies that show 79 percent of users scanned information on the web. The majority of us look for specific keywords that appeal to us, bold, highlighted text, and frankly the least amount of words providing us with the maximum amount of information. We are also inherently drawn to bulleted lists and external hyperlinks.


I am a Bored Scroller

I’m not too social on social media. Don’t get me wrong I have all of them, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, to name a few. I usually access these from my phone, never my laptop. Here’s why, when I am on Facebook its because I’m bored. Not for any other logical reason. The bonus to using my cell phone is I don’t have to see all the sidebar invites. No trending news, I don’t have to watch videos they’ve taken the liberty and  chosen for me, and that candy crush saga invite…Nope! I never saw it. Thanks to the Facebook app.

The usual scenario goes something like this: My phone is in my hand, while I’m waiting in line at Starbucks, it’s there to keep me company for two minutes. There is nothing on Facebook that I can’t access from other sites as far as legitimate news. I rarely post what’s on my mind and hardly make comments to friends but I’ll click a thumbs up so they know I care. It’s weird.

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