This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven MNGT 138 Wk4

When we were asked to create an event poster for class, I got giddy! I immediately knew that I wanted to make a poster for only the best band in the whole wide world the PIXIES. I really loved this project because I was able to be creative in a fun way. Here is my disclaimer: The Poster shown is NOT, I repeat is NOT an Actual Event. Now, the poster itself may not be “knock your socks off” amazing…but I am really happy with it!         pixiesposter

I decided black and white would be a bold statement in itself, hard to miss right? One of my favorite Pixies songs is Monkey Gone to Heavenso I found a royalty free monkey skeleton and edited it on PicMonkey (hey another monkey!) then I created and crowned him with a yellow gold halo. I placed him in the center as the focus point. I think that this alone is symbolic of the Pixies and grabs the attention of the viewer. I used a large bold font (Stampede) for Pixies across the top left and also again along the right side used on a smaller scale to group, and deliver the what, where, and how of the imaginary event. Smaller sans serif letters are placed both on the top and bottom. One reads Head Carrier their latest album release title and again on the bottom as a disclaimer that the show is “21 and Over.”  I decided that this show would be great at the Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon.  It was my intention when arranging the content to be minimalistic. I wanted the most important information to stick out first. I wanted the viewer to be left with a sense of insecure balance and harmony to fit the style of the band.





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