Corn Maze Navigation MNGT136 Wk4

Do you remember how much fun it was to run through a corn maze? Running and weaving this way and that way. Then with excitement (because you knew you were on the right track) you would turn one way just to come to a dead end. You’d squeal and laugh and run in the opposite direction to find your way back. This was fun! I still have fun in the fall running through the tall corn stalks with my son. But I’m not talking about a fun corn maze, Pumpkin.


Back to Start

What’s not fun, and pretty frustrating is when you are navigating through a site in search of a specific location on “said” site and you are following all the signs that say this way… that way… Clicking with confidence just to make that last click to not a dead end… BUT worse! Back to where you started! Oh, I feel so tricked. The time, the patience, to not even get a consolation prize. Now I won’t say which exact sites I run into this most often, but I will give you a hint. They are government sites. These! Where you expect to get the  answers you need. (I don’t just hang out on these sites for fun people) I’m on a mission. I want answers. NoGo. What would be really great, instead of leading me down a rabbit hole to nowhere; would be to simply give me a message that says I can’t have what I want. “Your search does not exist.” An error message or possibly offer an alternate suggestion, or better yet a direct line to a contact.

Don’t Get Me Started

Do you ever land on a site and just as you are getting acquainted with the site’s main page within 20 seconds a big pop-up box lands in front of everything and demands that you enter your e-mail and start an account? What? I don’t even to get to browse? I can’t window shop? I am literally being blocked at the door by a bully bouncer. Arms crossed, he doesn’t have time for my excuses, I’m not getting in until I give him my ID. Or in this case my e-mail address and a super secret password of my choosing. I have a solution for sites that do this, just don’t. No one wants to be forced to commit to anything, I’ll join your fancy club when I’m good and ready, but first show me the goods.

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