How Much Are You Worth? MNGT137#3

It is the most commonly asked question, a true artists’ dilemma. How much do I charge for     my art? I myself have struggled with this question.. a lot. I always have this argument with myself. My one side arguing but the time and cost.. my insecure side says but I’m a nobody, my art isn’t worth anything.. I know what you are going to say, but this isn’t about my self esteem or my self worth.

art-314698__480This sometimes is the sad reality of selling your art. Of course it took time and money and talent and an idea.. no argument there, but I it has been my experience that people either want to spend money on something they are drawn to or they don’t. The ones that will complain about your price are the same ones that won’t purchase even if it was half the price they are complaining about. These people are not your market, no biggie not everyone will be.

The people that you want, are willing to pay for authenticity, and quality. Overall, they are the people who appreciate the work that was put into creating something beautiful.  These people won’t complain about pricing. I read this article which offers a great checklist on things to be aware of and plan for including contracts and client obligations when you are selling your art. I was happily reminded of two concepts. One, if you price your work too low people inherently believe that it is cheap. If you price your art at a higher price you are naming its ultimate value. So don’t sell yourself short! You are worth it!


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