Branding: Zulily Style MNGT136Wk5

zulilyZulily’s got style, you can’t deny it. If you don’t know of them you surely will! They have an impressive marketing strategy that is working to build their growing brand. Zulily is based out of Seattle, Washington. They do not have a personal brand and instead they sell other brands to a target market of women and mothers. Including clothing, accessories, baby and children items, as well as items for the home.

Being Human

Zulily is made of humans, and they want you to know that. Instead of spending a large portion of the marketing budget on ads, they prefer to connect  directly with their customers through e-mail, offering that day’s deals and flash sales. They find this to be more personal and effective in their overall marketing efforts. In this article they explain as introducing yourself to a stranger and exchanging phone numbers and making plans to meet up later. This is the concept that they implement when reaching out through e-mail. Those that are signed up receive notice and best deals first.

Real People

Zulily believes strongly in the brand they have created. From marketing to employees they live and “breathe” the brand. They focus on having fun and spreading that carefree attitude in the name of Zulily. On the Zulily  site there is a link to their blog, where they offer tips, and style advice, as well as post pictures of happy Zulily customers and families. You can also find information explaining that they at Zulily are partnering with local Seattle children’s cancer research efforts. A charitable organization like this, is something  that Zulily’s customers can find comfort in and also support the cause.

Photo Ready

Zulily, unlike other companies does not have a shelved stock of items waiting to be shipped out. Instead Zulily features a number of specific hand picked brands and items marketing them accordingly. How they stay consistent in their own brand, is by taking their own photos of each and every product they offer on their site. By doing this they maintain consistency to their own Zulily style and it promotes the brand’s quality.



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