The Mystery Surrounding Elliot Orange MNGT138 Wk5


Pixabay image

Who is this Elliot Orange?  She has kept herself concealed from the cameras remaining only a shadow in the art she presents. We know she has a passion for all things Halloween. Tirelessly creating whimsical and often creepy figures from her mind for our enjoyment. Handmade from paper mache, grinning faced jack-o-lanterns and shelf sitting crows among dozens of Autumn inspired ornaments and holiday decor.

Ok. Ok. I am Elliot… or she is me.

The fact of the matter is that I…we….She, doesn’t like to be the focus.

That being said there are several things that Elliot Orange could do to position herself and build her brand through multiple social media channels.


Video is an effective way to build trust and credibility. When viewers can actually see you, you become a real person to them. This can be a determining factor as to how they will perceive your brand. Its also a positive way to develop a relationship with your audience. The impression that you leave on your audience will follow through to your brand and products. Videos can be fun, and informational. You can teach or share something that your audience will find useful. Either way you become the face of your business.


Podcasts are also a great way to not only extend your audience and market through an additional channel, but offers the ability to position yourself as a thought leader. Similar to that of video, you have an opportunity to relate to your audience. Voices can convey emotion in which the audience is perceptive to. Again, making you and your brand more human, not unlike your human audience.

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