Come Out and Play MNGT 138


Disclaimer: Oddmall is a real event but Elliot Orange will not be attending. I urge you to check it out.

Come out and play with me! I’ve created a newsletter as an invite to come to show that Elliot Orange will be participating in. Subscribers to the newsletter have shown interest in being notified through e-mail for up-coming events and promotions. I wanted the newsletter heading to grab the reader by saying Come Out and Play With Me, that the e-mail newsletter was going to offer something fun for the subscriber to do and see.

Getting to the Point

Everything Elliot is Halloween so the background image represents that style, staying consistent within the branding theme. I immediately state in the newsletter the title of the event, in which people may already be familiar with and have an interest in attending. The following information is the time and dates and all the fun stuff the event is offering. I also wrote a little personal note from Elliot that she is excited to see you there. I incorporated the Oddmall website with a side note redirecting subscribers to their site for even more information and details. What is cool about this event and newsletter, is that Elliot Orange is not the main focus. Instead its kind of like an invitation to come hang out, making Elliot Orange a little more human and personable. There will be lots of things to see and do. The Elliot Orange newsletter is not about pushing products or selling, its about getting people out to enjoy themselves and have fun.

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