Create a Happy Client Trap MNGT136 Wk

mail-1048452_1280Attracting, gaining and keeping clients its kinda important. Let’s face it, clients and customers are the life of  your business and it depends on them, heavily. I have chosen to look at the e-commerce business based in Seattle, Zulily.

Zulily is known for their minimal marketing efforts. You won’t see commercials on T.V. or billboard ads while driving cross country. Instead you will see them almost daily in your news feed on social media mainly Facebook. I suppose this approach has been successful to their business because this is the route they still take.

Zulily is using social media to attract their target market women and mothers between 25-45 years old. Zulily spends their marketing efforts and budget, marketing to past customers. By sending e-mail newsletters daily to notify them of the newest sales and items available. This is great use of e-mail newsletters but not an efficient way to gain new customers.

When you visit the Zulily site you are required to start an account by entering your e-mail address. This is not a very good way to gain new customers, most people don’t like having to provide information without getting something out of it. I would suggest that the Zulily allow users to browse first and possibly require an e-mail address at check-out instead.

If they were to continue requiring the e-mail in order to enter the site they should offer an incentive to do so. My suggestion would be to have  an option to provide email and when you do you receive $5.00 off your first purchase.

Additionally, Zulily has a referral page, where you can send an invite to a friend, so they can check out the site. I think they should also implement some sort of incentive to do so, for example you and your friend get free shipping on $50.00 purchase.

I believe by making it worth while they will gain customers and loyalty. People will feel like they got something out of it and will be more likely to refer friends and make more purchases. Unfortunately I believe they are missing out on potential customers because they are asking customers to give them something for nothing. Its a turn off.

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