Rabbit Out Of a Hat MNGT138 Wk7


I can pull a rabbit out of a hat!

Actually, no. No, I really can’t. But….I can make something from nothing! No magic tricks here, no sleight of hand, instead a little secret. My secret to editing photos and making flyers, newsletters and postcards is free editing software.

There are dozens of free editing programs out there but, I always fall back on PicMonkey.           I find it really easy to use and it offers a lot of fun photo effects. And…did I mention that it’s free!? PicMonkey also offers a Royalty package that you can purchase which then unlocks additional features and editing options. Even this option is affordable.

I love creating something from nothing. I like the freedom of not being locked into software I have to pay a fortune to use and dedicate a ton of time to learning. For example Photoshop is amazing but, I don’t have the time or the money to invest in it right now. This is why PicMonkey is so convenient and user friendly. Across the site they offer templates, tutorials and suggestions to help in your editing process.

PicMonkey does a lot for nothing, and I have found that it has been perfectly acceptable for practically all of my editing needs. What’s better than that?

I don’t need magic to pull a rabbit out of hat but I do need a secret monkey!monkey-1177582__480

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