Rolling With It MNGT136 Wk


What do you do when you come to a dead end? What if you were a web designer who was dedicated to making a user friendly site for a client, who was unwilling to fix the issues that you find necessary to achieve the intended goals?

Do you turn back? Fight your way through it? Kick, scream and cry until someone hears you? Probably not. But what are the options to deal with a situation like this?

On one hand the client has hired you because they needed you and your expertise, they are paying you for a completed project. You pride yourself on the quality work you provide, this could potentially harm your reputation. At the very least leave a bad impression of the level of work you provide. One the other hand you could just drop it and move on and write it off as their problem, and this maybe the only option you are left with.

Explain and remind your client that the project is important to both of you. The client hired you because they had an ultimate goal that they wanted to achieve for their business website. To leave it “unfinished” or neglecting to resolve fixable issues that you are both aware of does not leave either of you in a positive or competent position. This would be a good time to mention the importance of a clearly outlined contract that you and the client have agreed upon prior to starting any work. A contract binds both of you to the responsibilities and expectations that have been agreed for a specific project. It will protect both you and your client not to mention the project that you both have a common interest in making successful.


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