You Happy Me Happy MNGT137#6


The customer is always right. Right? Maybe yes, but that would mean that the business was wrong. Right? If someone is right, than someone is wrong. Riiiiigght.

Ok! What if no one was wrong and instead everyone was right? What if everyone won?             I believe that achieving this is what it means to have great customer service! Any business is dependent on clients and customers and customer service is also part of what they are selling. So, doesn’t it make sense to have a strong relationship and partnership with who makes you successful? Id say Yes!

It is easy to feel overwhelmed as a small business or a micro business, especially when you are doing everything alone or with very little help. But that is no excuse not to provide your customers with great service. I recently read a very straightforward article from    Crowd Spring providing simple, not to mention easy ways to tackle customer service and save precious time and avoid headaches. Less is more. You can artfully provide the attention needed in ways in which are helpful, short and sweet. Because we all value time! Here are 3 mentioned from the article.

Plan Ahead

Often sites have an F&Q section of commonly asked questions. Of course you can’t come up with everything in the detail some topics may need but its a good start and could cut down on multiple phone calls or e-mails that require a response. Make sure that you have set in place standard ways of dealing with certain aspects and situations.


Read the e-mail you just received and make sure you are understanding the question or concern being expressed. Reply accordingly. A back and forth e-mail chain of asking questions and clarification can be time consuming.


Make good use of visuals to interpret information when ever possible. We understand images and illustrations faster and easier than reading or skimming through a lot of text.

Some of these tricks can save time and still make the customer feel as if their needs have been met either directly or indirectly, leaving them satisfied and confident in your brand and business.




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