Creating Marketing Pieces MNGT138 Wk#9

Postcard/MailerdarkdolldelightsThis was so much fun! Creating an imaginary event, taking place three months from now. The photo above is a postcard that would potentially be a marketing piece that local businesses would pass out and be stuffed in bags. The information it contains is the name of the event, when and where it will be held and a little teaser of what the event  is about. And of course where to find more information about the event.

 NewsletterdarkolldelightsThe second piece (shown above) would serve as a e-mailed newsletter to current subscribers. The newsletter offers a bit more information than the postcard version. The newsletter serves as a personal invite from Elliot Orange to attend the event. It also gives information as to how bring 3 canned food items can save customers 10% off a purchase including the charity website, Elliot Orange website and the event website. It also includes a little note from Elliot Orange to come join in on the fun! It dawned on me later that this version does not state that it is free…Because the first one I created and finished, did say free and mysteriously disappeared when my computer decided to freeze. Even so, I love the ease of making these kinds of marketing pieces!

Lastly I created a short video ad to serve as a commercial and a teaser to grab attention and  gain interest in something a little different. All music and photos are copyright free and for use to anyone.

Bring Them Together 

By incorporating both physical and tangible postcard, sending out an e-mailed newsletter, and creating a commercial ad,I believe I will have a good chance of reaching a broad market. Creating a multitude of media marketing pieces you can spread information through more than just one specific channel.


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