Shine Through Networking MNGT137#8

sparkler-677774_1280As important and valuable as I know networking is to be successful…I am the worst at it. Networking is valuable not for what someone can do for you, but possible what you can do for someone else. Its all about who ya know. I am going to be completely brutally honest as much as I need to put myself out there. I am scared to. I lack the self confidence to do so. All the lights go out and I feel as if I have nothing to offer. That may be why I am an artist…I like to be all alone in my little imaginative world, and try not to concern myself with very much outside of it.

But…in order to make a name for myself I need to put myself “out there.” On the other hand I do love to meet new people and hear their stories and experiences. (I just don’t enjoy telling mine) I know networking can be a great way to add value and depth and even creativity by learning and being inspired by others.

I am making a conscious goal right now to start putting myself out there. Confidence comes from practice and I need to start practicing! Im going to let my little light shine.

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