What I’ve Learned MNGT138 Wk#10

colored-pencils-374771__480The Power of Newsletters

I had no idea how incorporating a newsletter for your business could be so beneficial. It makes sense that customers who show an interest want to stay in contact with a brand. By maintaining contact through e-mail newsletters it can help to develop and strengthen  brand  loyalty by staying in contact with past and future customers. The numbers prove that past customers have a higher chance of becoming repeat customers. In the future of my business I plan to incorporate newsletters to remind customers I am thinking of them. Newsletters are also a great way to share the latest deals, sales and just share any information.

Knowing Your Audience

Knowing the your target market may seem obvious to some extent. General descriptions such as male/female, age and yearly income can all be a good place to start. What I thought was really helpful in this process was to narrow your customer down to an actual person. By creating target market personas you can find creative ways to appeal to that person. What do they need? What do they like? How do they spend their time? This process is fun and can give you a greater perspective as to who and how to attract them. Identifying an actual person makes marketing to them feel personal. In my marketing efforts I think this is a great way to better connect with your audience.

Where Are They?

Now that we are able to know who our audience is….how do we find them? Where are they? This is where when creating a marketing plan it is important to reach people through multiple channels. Video and Potcasts are just another way to attract loyal customers and build relationships with those customers. It is more personal and by sharing with them information they find useful or sharing about yourself, people dig it. You become special in their eyes because chances are you share similar thoughts and ideas with your target audience. I’m shy. I am going to try to utilize this concept in the future because of the business relationship benefits. I plan to do videos or classes of some sort through YouTube.

Most important is taking all the information and creating a focused and cohesive way to market a brand that attracts like-minded individuals.













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